Color challenged?

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I like to think I have good taste in colors but... Heres a few sites that can help with color scheming. Taken from www.figby.com

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wellstyled: Color Scheme Generator 2:
You can choose different schemes for choosing colors (i.e. monochrome or contrasting) and can even choose the distance from your color for contrasting schemes. Another nice feature: view how your colors would look to those with various forms of colorblindness.

Eric Meyer - Color Blender:
Enter two colors (hex or RGB) and it displays any number of in-between colors. Excellent for finding an additional color or two for a site that already has a color scheme, or for modifying an existing scheme when you just want it a bit lighter or darker (blend with #FFFFFF or #000000).

Web Color Theory:
This one doesnít choose colors for you. Instead, it lets you drag colors from the palette onto a sample page layout to see how they will look.

If these arenít enough, ScriptyGoddess has an entire color tools category with many more links.

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