More Converters

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Another tool to help convert code. This one converts C# to VB! Its web based too... Haven't tried it tho. So I dont know how well it works.


Revision Control is a pain

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Revision Control is a real pain. CVS works great from the command line but forget about integrating it with MS VS.Net. It is very tough to try and work with several languages and try to get one source control system to work with everything. Here is a link to a MS KB article that helps a little with the VS integration.



ASP.Net Headers/Templates

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Found a good article on how to use "old fashioned" include style headers and templates with .Net. Unlike many of the "template" engine for .Net this one is overly simple and works like the old ASP (and PHP for that matter) includes.


Great site for converting PHP to ASP.Net

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Great site for converting PHP to ASP.Net. I have not tried this thing yet but will be doing so shortly. Very interested in seeing how it works


The PHP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant is designed to help you convert PHP pages and applications to ASP.NET. It does not make the conversion process completely automatic, but it will speed up your project by automating some of the steps required for migration.