SQL Server Reporting Tools

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Microsoft is stepping it up a notch with their SQL Server reporting tools. Here are a couple of videos that show just how easy it is:





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Spent the past couple of days getting Windows XP Tablet PC working on my old IBM Transnote. I bought it a few years back for about $600 and have sorta kinda used it on and off as a second notebook. Having recently started my Ph.D. Studies I wondered if it could be used as a good tool for school. I am just getting started and I found something on the MS site that looked great: Why a Soccer Mom Needs a Tablet PC

I know the title sounds silly but it filled with great tips on using this OS. I cant wait to try this stuff. I am teaching an Entrprenuership class this semester and I may try this stuff for grading! Combine this with a pdf writer and theoretically you can do complete electronic grading ... even papers. I have the Verizon EVDO card and just picked up a Samsung SCH i600 Smartphone... I am connected all the time. Between that and the transnote... it is looking to be a well connected semester... if the battery would just last more than 2 hrs.... *sigh* I will write more on the success of this project. For info on the transnote check out http://www.transnote.us


.Net FAQ

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A very nice .Net FAQ can be found here http://www.andymcm.com/dotnetfaq.htm It is a little old but still very good high level intro to .Net programming


New (for me anyway) Mobile Computing blog

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I recently discovered and interesting blog for ubiquitous computing. I am very interested in being connected all the time. However I have serious demands for my computing equipment and I am often caught in the power vs power paradox. To get heavy duty computing you have to sacirfice power/battery life. This guy has been trying to deal with this and we have much of the same equipment.

also check out lockergnome's mobile section here: