Stored Procedures: the debate continues

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I had the good fortune to have a discussion with an associate a few weeks back who was touting the great benefits of stored proecedures... yata yata....

I remember arguing this debate a couple years back. I found a good blog that actually discusses why stored procedures are bad. For the record... I think stored procedures have their place but not to the exemption of dynamic SQL or even coded SQL in certain cases. Anyway heres the blog:




Tablet PC

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Now that I have been using my tablet PC for about a semester I am luke warm on tablets in general. I can type faster than I can write so my hoped for use of this to improve my writing time is "meh." Overall the lack of applications really is a problem, not many are tablet enabled. I do use the table view ALOT in class. Allows me to work on other things and appear to be taking notes. :)

Overall I think there needs to be more ink apps, but it seems MS has turned the other cheek (MCE) regarding tabletpc.