Article on whitespace

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An interesting read on the use of whitespace. As I am doing much more writing these days it made me think, whitespace can be very effective even in technical papers.

anyway.... heres the article:

Hmmmm played with a web based sms interface today

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Found some interesting web-based interfaces for SMS. Nice, hunh? Seriously began to wonder: how long before I had to start paying for spammers to text me? I already get telemarketers calling my cell phone, whoooo hooooo... I have to pay for people to try and sell me stuff (ie my minutes etc.). Soon I will be paying for text messages for spam too... I thought about exactly how hard it would be to write a script to send mass text messages... ummm can you say I already have that code (post to a web form)?


Data Mining

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As I try to work thorugh my dissertaion research I have discovered that there are relatively few data mining applications (besides things like WEKA), that you can get without spending alot of money. As I am wandering around this morning I will put some of the things I find here.


Blog Spam — Arrrggg

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Following up on my ealier post on blog spamming -- it seems I am not the only one who noticed. PhotoMatt has a nice rant on it here: http://photomatt.net/2005/01/05/trackback-spam/

For now I have turned off commenting and trackback :(