Funny Site

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Overheard in New York... its about conversations that were overheard somewhere in New York. Madness....



Taking venture money

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Having been down this path before and understanding the implications of taking venture capital, I found this quote very appropriate:

Hal Vogel, president of Vogel Capital Management, predicts: "That kind of money doesn't come with strings, it comes with ropes and chains attached."


FREE E-book sites

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Found a decent list of sites with free e-books. Ripped the list from Aximsite Forums. Thanks e-powersellers. List after the jump.


E-book reading

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I do most of my reading on my various handhelds and recently acquired some new hardware. E-book reading ont hese devices is a real pain. I really like Microsoft's LIT format but the reader really sucks. It does nto support anything else besides LIT books and requires activation (that sometimes doesn't work) to read DRM'd book (DRM sucks anyway -- but its the world we live in). So I have moved over to uBook Reader (much nicer and support lots of formats). Only problem is I have ton of .LIT e-books. I used a command-line program a while back called convertlit. It was pretty good... but it was command line and a little cludgy to use. Since then a guy made a GUI for it which looks pretty good. I also stumbled across another free converter that ALSO looks pretty good and seems to have more flexibility and export formats. Heres the links to both:



Another AJAX overview

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So how do you code an AJAX Web page? See hands-on examples for creating lighter, faster interactive sites. Check it out here: