Windows Vista Upgrade Fujitsu T4010 Tablet

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I have to say windows Vista has nothing compelling for me to upgrade. I upgrade primarily because I have client who would ask about it so I have to get ahead of them. Either way I updated my Fujitsu 4010 Tablet to Vista Ultimate and it has been nothing but hassles. MS took away SMTP server (so had to find a free server -- used Mercury), SD card Driver does not work (cannot write to cards or see cards greater than 1G) and bluetooth is a nightmare (Toshiba's drivers are only demo even if obtained from Fujitsu). I finally found a site that documented how to do it using MS Bluetooth drivers. Thanks to Arne (http://www.theunwired.net/?itemid=3574). A summary of his article after the jump.


Coming back up for air

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After a very busy couple of months (dissertation proposal, grant final report, phase 2 proposal... and many other family things), I felt like I should post something. I found a good article on Barack Obama. Im not sure our country is willing (let alone ready) for a serious (can we take Jesse Jackson, Alan Keys, or Al Sharpton seriously as real presidential candidate) black presidential candidate (or a woman for that matter but because of Hilary Clinton's money THAT may yet be interesting).

I came across a good non ranting article that talks about it.... and the comments are even more enlightening. For the record, while I like Obama (based on the little I know) I really wished he had waited to run, for two reasons. 1.) the next prez has a ridiculously difficult and risky (from a legacy perspective) job getting the country out of the mess it is currently in. And 2.) I am not yet convinced Obama is experienced enough to navigate the complexity of politics at that level, given the current world climate. Anyway here's the link: