Create Jet database on the fly

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I need to create a Jet Database on the fly so I can then run DTS to dump SQL Server data into it. Heres the code to do it after the jump

More ASP.Net tricks

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The developer.com article had some really nice stuff thanks to Karl Moore. I have clipped parts of the article and these can be found after the jump. For the full articles you can goto:

Changing the title of aspx page in ASP.Net

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I have looked for this snippet for quite a while and have used labels and such to mimick this. Developer.com posted a good article on .net tricks. This was one of them:

Three Steps to Changing Your Page Title in Code!
If I asked you to change the title of your Web form, you'd be forgiven for looking for a "title" or "text" property somewhere. The problem is, that mysterious property doesn't exist: Microsoft forgot to put it in. If you want to change your page title programmatically, you have to do it yourself. Here's how.

Firstly, switch to the HTML view on your Web form. Near the top of your page, you'll see the title tag, looking something like


Replace this with

<title runat="server" id="PageTitle"></title> 

Here, you're creating a title tag that runs on the server and has an ID, meaning you can manipulate it in code.

Next, switch back to design mode; then, open up the code window behind your form. At the top of your page, under the Inherits line, add the following line of code. This declares the server title tag you've just added:

Protected PageTitle _
          As System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlGenericControl

Our third and final step involves changing the page text. Behind the Load event of your page, or in response to some similar event, set the InnerText property of the PageTitle tag to your new page title. Here's my sample code:

PageTitle.InnerText = "Welcome! - Last Updated 20/05/2003"

And that's it—one line of code and your page title has changed.


Modeling tools

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I use Embarcadero to do data modeling. Today I had to deal with building a database (150+ tables) without a modeling tool... Ummmm and how will this be maintained.... So I started looking for inexpensive data modeling and generation tools... Here's the list:


More after the Jump


PDFs and Web Reporting

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I work on alot of projects and web printing is always a hassle and often people dont want to pay more for a commercial PDF creator. Here is a list of Opensource PDF controls/assemblies:


How to embed SQL Server 2005 Express in a Project

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This looks interesting... if nothing else. A whitepaper on how to include SQL Server 2005 Express in your distribution.

From Microsoft