No much to say

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I really do not have much to say today, but I was cleaning up the spam comments and thought I would post. Since I am talking about spam comments -- yes spam comments:

New (relatively) thing it seems. Spammers like online casinos and credit cards look for sites or blogs (like this one) where posting comments are allowed and they post a comment advertising thier site. Pretty annoying -- worse than email spam becuause the filters for this medium are not as mature nor are the interfaces here as nice as the e-mail interfaces. I can only imagine what it is like for a big site that actually has lots and lots of visitors and visibility. I am sure the spammers have figured out how to use google and the like to find wordpress or other sites/software that allow comments.


Web Site color schemes

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Welcome to 2005!

Anyway... I just cant ever seem to get away from doing web sites... uggggg!!! I hate them. Such a necessary evil these days. In addition to my blog site, and of course my personal web site, I am starting a new company: Agility Data Research. As a result, guess what?

Yup. Need a web site. So the search began for a good CMS (went with Ez Publish 3.0 -- It was free, I knew how to use it from 2.0 and it is powerful enough to deliver the features I needed). Next a logo, color schemes, layout, and the ever demanding... content. I could just sling up a frontpage site -- but that is just not me, hmmmm....

Maybe the issue is not web sites... maybe its me. Anyway I found a nice site with some color schemes http://www.returnofdesign.com/spectacle/specials/colors.html