Good PHP install Overview for IIS6

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Of course on Vista we now have IIS 7. But anyway is a nice step-by-step install.



New Vista stuff

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Just got a fresh Fujitsu T4215 with VISTA. Feels nice. But still many pains getting things tight. Syncing my Treo 700wx for example. Had to hand install Windows Mobile Device Center even though it was sort of halfway on the machine... Either way that was not too bad. I had become a WMDC install expert when I tried to get it working with Vista RTM on my T4010D. Anyway got it install synced up great. Next for bluetooth. *sigh*

Of course it did not work... Seems WMDC has default issues with the toshiba stack. Luckily Ken Schaefer managed to figure it out for me (was kind of hard to find on google hence this slug). Check it out here on Ken's site:


As usual I rip a copy of his text for archive purposes after the jump.


SQL Server Stuff

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I have had to automate some thing with native SQL Server and found a couple of good links for running a DTS package and sending mail from a stored procedure. Here are the links:


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