More on Virtual PCs

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I am really digging the VPC thing (see post below). I am now getting into the Live CD thing. I have installed MONOPPIX, which gives you preconfigured MONO with a web server and IDE. Pretty sweet for testing .Net apps in UNIX. In any case, this sent me off to look for more live CDs and I can across this list:



Virtual PC

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I am thinking about using virtual PC (VPC) images for more stuff. I am finally beginning to see the benefit of doing this. For example, instead of installing new apps on my regular machine to try them out, I install the program in my virtual PC and test it there. If I find I like it then I install it on my "real" machine. Keeps my stuff clean and friendly (with no wierd un-install after effects) Whoo!

Guess what? Now MS is making VPCs full of trial MS stuff like VS 2005 etc... pre installed (YUMMMMM!) I am eager to try this stuff out... downloading a 2G image right now. Can you imagine I used to dedicate whole machines to various OSes and configs... I had like 8 of them for various configurations (never know when you need it). I still have 1 multiboot machine that has Window NT 3.1 Server, OS2 3.0, Linux, and windows 95 on it...

Going to start using differencing disks now. Here's a URL on howto:

and a link to what works and what doesnt:

and of course a blog on Virtual PC:


Annoying e-mail from friends

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You ever get e-mail from firends or associates, that are kind of annoying... like those jokes, or mail about a virus spreading around and to "be careful?" Well a study recently found that e-mail forwarding can be linked to your social status:

Forwarding a genuinely amusing or interesting link to a friend, for example, shows that you are thinking of them and are aware of the sort of content they like, Gross says. But passing an irrelevant or out-of-date link on to contacts can be annoying, thus lowering the sender's social status in the recipientís eyes.


New TabletPC

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Arrrrrggggg!!!! I love my new Fujitsu T4010D! But is was awful to move into. I moved out of my Acer C310 tablet into this one. The high resoution is smokkkinnnnn! The move really sucked tho... I spent about 48 Man hours (actually working) to move into it. I have so much software and tweaks and creature comforts... its just not worth it, I can't believe I am saying this but I really dont want a new computer ever again... (ok I am lying....) I just dont want to have to move into a new computer.... too much downtime.

t4010D   Anyway the new comp is sweet. Specs:
100GB 7200RPM HD
1400 x 1050 Screen
Intel 745 1.8Mhz
Aetheros 802.11abg
Std ports and other stuff

HTML Checkboxes!

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Whoo! Someone finally figured out how to make nice checkboxes in a web form! You can check it out from here... http://www.gamingheadlines.co.uk/wod/formstyle/index.html (ohhh BTW wanted to try the tablet snipping too so... here's an image of what I am talking about)...

Snipped Image