Blogging Software

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I use WordPress, after using bMachine previously. I find WordPress to meet most of my needs. However I post alot of code and I have not found a blogging tool that makes it easy to paste without the tool itself messing with the layout (not handling backslashes, getting rid of carriage returns, adding carriage returns, formatting, etc.).

I found a good review of many of the free blogging tools here: http://www.asymptomatic.net/blogbreakdown.htm Check it out for yourself



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The maintainers of Cywin pulled out the PHP4 modules from the distribution some time ago. When I got my new tablet I am now without an pc baed unix environment. Thought about using a virtual machine... but the thought of managing a 3G file was not that appealing. I have space but... meh

Either way trying to find out how to compile the PHP4 stuff for cygwin. Whew hard to find and I am not happy about it... I have wasted several hours trying to geth this to work. The problem is converting the shared libraries to dll's. No fun... but I found a fix...



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I am working on a project that requires some fancy DTS (Data Transformation Services) stuff in MS SQL Server. Found a really good site for DTS info. Also found a great reference for DTS in .Net Environment.



Really Like WordPress

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I am using WordPress now as my blogging software. It is much nicer than the previous stuff I was using. It even has a bbcode plugin that can be found here:

Unfortunately this code did not handle the [ code ] bbcode block properly. It simply replaced it with a < code > block.


Screen Scraping Re-Visited

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I recently had a need to screen scrape a web application (yuck -- ummm can you say web services, rss, or xml). This was not because I just had to but it was because one of my clients had two departments who ABSOLUTELY refused to play nicely with each other (they are supposed to be on the same team right???).

So the department I was working with asked if "I" could find a way around them.... consultants always get the good jobs...

So screen scrapes. I had done a fair amount of this a while back and have some spidering code hanging around. I ran across a problem however dealing VS.Net's view state (the scraped application was written in dot net).

Found this URL with a great example of how to do this in C#!