MS makes things simple but with limitations

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I have been working on a project that requires files to be uploaded to a Web server. No big deal... ordinarily. However this project is .Net. As a result the most obvious and simple implementation requires the entire contents of the file to be moved into memory. This is due to the architecture of IIS. IIS 6.0 deals with this a little better when run in isolation mode. However, this also has implication.

I found some good writings on this topic. It would seem that MS dealt with the download issue, but not upload. In any case the following presents a good overview of the issue. The upload issue is a tougher one to deal with. All of the implemented solutions I found use an ISAPI filter or something at that level in the architecture. Any way here are the links:

A nice overview of the problem (from the download perspective) here:

A good discussion of the upload issues (with solutions) here:

MS Solutions to the problem:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/823409/EN-US/ (Download)
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/295626/EN-US/ (Upload)

I snipped a bit of VB code from coderage at the asp.net forum available after the jump


WM5 Software development

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I have recently been playing with developing apps for the WM5 platform. Here is a link to a good article on how to get network connectivity in the Wm5 emulator:


Interesting article on how to be an Expert

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How to be an expert.... apparently the answer is to practice. Not just repeating but how you practice. Here is a quote:

"For the superior performer the goal isn't just repeating the same thing again and again but achieving higher levels of control over every aspect of their performance. That's why they don't find practice boring. Each practice session they are working on doing something better than they did the last time."

Check out the review here: